Each couple

Each couple Sketch Common cause Children share on couples.

Each couple is two friends.

In a sketch dialogue they have to tell each other that they are able and love to do, and then think out any business which they can to make together.

LOYAL FRIENDS MOVSUR AND MAHOMED Chechen legend There lived two friends Movsur and Mahomed.

They became friends still boys.

Passed years, Movsur and Mahomed grew up, together with them their friendship got stronger.

But now they lived in the different auls.

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All were

All were Seeing, as those collect different grasses and flowers, and it tore without analysis everything that came across, and hid in the box.

Began to get dark, when boys gathered home.

All were vigorous, as if just left the house, and only Pricking the youngest with Volodya, hardly moved feet and decently lagged behind.

Going on the avenue, Kolya asked Volodya Tell, please what it so flies and buzzes?

Maybugs, Volodya answered and tried to catch about the bug flying by.

When it managed it, he sat down on the bag, got a thread from a pocket and tied a bug for a foot, then released it and started singing Fly, fly, my bug, it is high, dale to!

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On LM VODNOM, and the more

On LM VODNOM, and the more On the vegetative level it begins to show more explicitly in absorption of useful and harmful.

On LM VODNOM, and the more human level, is manifested in the behaviour.

G ovora two parts, are You referring to male and female?

Yes, of course.

But I'm not talking about the physical part of our body, and our the perception of the world.

It is interesting that there were a lot of research on the development of the brain in men and women, on the differences in brain activity of girls and boys after years.

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And this surface

And this surface Questions to children What to the touch this surface?


What can be rough?

Asfsshp, brick, father's bo sorts.

And this surface what?


What can be smooth?

Mirror, tile, table, board, ice.

The teacher suggests to look at clothes of each other.

Not looking regarding, it is necessary to learn of what it is made, and a rasska to zat about it so that other children according to the description learned and correctly called it.

Sasha has a fluffy shirt, soft; at Lena dress smooth etc.

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Also the daughter's mother

Also the daughter's mother And here that saw breeze.

With the red flaring cheeks lay on a bed the little girl, uneasily rushed about on a pillow and is plaintive groaned Mother, mother, it seems to me.

Hot, I am thirsty.

Also the daughter's mother is sorry, and can make nothing, there is no time it to be prevented from working it is necessary to wash and stroke clothes and for to kazchik to take down, where here to potter with the child.

The breeze flew up to a bed, blew away from a forehead at the girl hair, wet from sweat, and to that time caressed its cheek until it fell asleep.

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